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          作者:山東超光耀金屬材料有限公司 來源:http://www.www.scthqx.com 日期:2022/5/26 16:27:38


          Color steel plate is applicable to the interior and exterior wall decoration of industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, special buildings, roofs, walls and long-span steel structure houses. It has the advantages of light weight, high strength, rich colors, convenient and fast construction, earthquake resistance, fire prevention, rain proof, long service life, maintenance free and so on. So, how to ensure the quality of color steel plate? Today, the small editor of Shengfa color board will lead you to understand it.


          1. Workers should first receive protection education, pay attention to the key points of construction operation before work every day, and strengthen quality awareness education. Before the construction of each process, detailed skill disclosure shall be made to the workers.


          2. All materials and equipment required for the project shall be provided with certificates or material certificates. Various certificates shall be listed and registered and checked with the physical objects. Without this document, inspection or construction may be rejected. In case of doubt, it shall be checked and judged, and can be used only after passing the inspection.


          3. The color steel plate device shall be straight, and the plate surface shall be free of construction residues and dirt. The cornice shall be in a straight line, and there shall be no untreated wrong drilling.


          4. During transportation, stacking and hoisting, the color plate shall not be deformed and the paint shall not fall off.


          Color steel plate


          5. The top of the gable flood layer is 250mm high, and the height along the roof slope is 10mm and 15mm. Secondly, fix the joint between waterproof board and groove with M6 expansion bolt, and seal the exposed expansion bolt with sealant; The joint with the roof panel is fixed on the roof panel support with self tapping screws, and the joint between the waterproof board and the roof panel is waterproof with a long water retaining belt.


          6. After the color steel plate is formed, there shall be no visible cracks, peeling and scratches on the coating and coating.

          8.9 彩鋼板 (1).jpg


          7. Color steel plate, flashing plate and corner plate shall be fixed firmly, and anti-corrosion coating and sealing materials shall be laid in good condition.


          8. After the color steel plate is formed, the appearance shall be clean without obvious concave convex and wrinkles.


          9. The project management department and other operation forces shall construct in strict accordance with the approved technical documents and shall not change at will. On site technicians and quality inspection staff have the right to inspect the performance status and correct the construction methods that violate the established methods in time.


          10. If the original construction process of color steel plate is found to be defective, the on-site technical director shall put forward modification opinions, and inform the change in the form of skill contact sheet after being approved by the original approval part.


          11. The construction personnel can put forward reasonable suggestions on the approved skills and methods, and inform the change with the contact list after being approved by the original approval part.


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