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          作者:山東超光耀金屬材料有限公司 來源:http://www.www.scthqx.com 日期:2022/5/31 11:47:45


          Purification board and rock wool composite board are both good building materials, with similarities and differences. Users can make choices according to their own needs or actual conditions. Purification boards can be seen in real life. Purification boards are used in many buildings, especially hospitals, disinfection rooms and polyurethane purification board insulation projects. So what are the differences between purification board and rock wool board? Next, the purification board editor will introduce the differences between purification board and rock wool board.


          The thermal insulation material used for the machine-made purification board is mainly glass fiber cotton, which has good thermal insulation effect. The thermal insulation board and mechanical purification board used for the external wall effectively avoid the "cold bridge" phenomenon of the wall, and achieve a better thermal insulation effect. The thermal resistance value of R15 insulation cotton with a thickness of about 100mm of the machine-made purification plate can be equivalent to a brick wall with a thickness of 1m.

          機制凈化板墻體采用有效節能體系,具有呼吸功能,可調節室內空氣干濕度;屋頂具有通風功能,可以使屋內部上空形成流動的空氣間, 屋頂內部的通風及散熱需求。

          The wall of the machine-made purification board adopts an effective energy-saving system, which has a breathing function and can adjust the dry humidity of the indoor air; The roof has a ventilation function, which can form a flowing air room over the interior of the house. The ventilation and heat dissipation requirements inside the roof.


          The purification board can adopt nine kinds of core materials: rock wool, polyurethane foam, silica rock, glass wool, paper honeycomb, ceramic aluminum plate, glass magnesium plate and paper bee, more than ten kinds of surface materials such as color steel plate, galvanized plate, aluminized zinc plate, stainless steel, printed steel plate, aluminum foil paper, PVC, plywood, fiber cement plate, calcium silicate plate, and more than twenty kinds of composite plates.

          8.9 彩鋼板 (4).jpg


          External wall rock wool composite board

          巖棉復合板防火隔離帶結合現行聚苯板外保溫系統施工工藝特點,針對普通巖棉特性對其表面經過網格布和漿料包裹復合等特殊改良處理,克服了普通巖棉剝離強度低、易破損、易受潮塌落的弱點, 巖棉復合板防火隔離帶與聚苯板等保溫材料性能相近、施工工藝相同且結合良好, 整個外保溫體系不易產生裂縫造成滲漏受潮保溫失效等隱患。并能與外保溫同樣承受自重、風荷載和室外氣候的反復作用而不產生破壞。

          In combination with the construction process characteristics of the current polystyrene board external insulation system, the rock wool composite board fireproof isolation belt is subject to special improvement treatment such as grid cloth and slurry wrapping and compounding according to the characteristics of ordinary rock wool, overcoming the weak points of low peeling strength, easy damage and moisture collapse of ordinary rock wool. The rock wool composite board fireproof isolation belt has similar performance, the same construction process and good combination with the polystyrene board and other insulation materials, The whole external insulation system is not easy to produce cracks, resulting in leakage, moisture, insulation failure and other hidden dangers. It can also bear the repeated action of self weight, wind load and outdoor climate without damage.


          The above is the content of the color steel sandwich panel. Thank you for checking the information of our company in your busy schedule. If you want to know more, you are welcome to call us for consultation! http://www.www.scthqx.com