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          What determines the quality of embossed aluminum plate?


          In the past two years, the development trend of embossed aluminum plate manufacturers is very good, and there is a large demand for this product in the sales market, which is the key reason to promote the development trend of embossed aluminum plate manufacturing industry. Due to the hazards of production volume, production and manufacturing raw materials and other factors, the quality of embossed aluminum plates sold in the current sales market is also quite different. Therefore, people should pay attention to this. The Tianjin aluminum panel editor will give you a detailed introduction:

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          The key elements endangering the quality of embossed aluminum plate are:


          1. Preparation of element moisture content: generally reliable aluminum manufacturers have internal specifications when configuring aluminum alloy components, that is to say, within the range of various element moisture content, each factory has its own smaller transformation scope. The three intermediate proportions of aluminum, magnesium and silicon are strictly regulated. Each factory has its own statistical data and keeps each other's information confidential Aluminum alloy made with qualified secret recipe can guarantee quality and quantity. Otherwise, there will be no progress in quality in how to produce and process it later


          What determines the quality of embossed aluminum plate?


          2. Use of raw materials for production and manufacturing: 6063 aluminum alloy is an aluminum alloy with aluminum, magnesium and silicon as the key elements. Each element has a range of water content, and the price of magnesium is high. In order to reduce the cost, some manufacturers reduce the use of magnesium to at least the allowable water content, and some even reduce the water content of magnesium to at least the allowable water content. Some factories add waste cables, pots and pans to the aluminum alloy. The foundation is not 6063 aluminum alloy, resulting in low impact toughness of aluminum alloy profiles, which can be easily bent with both hands. This is one of the reasons why aluminum profiles can be cost-effective.


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