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          What is the difference between color steel plate and white iron sheet? White iron sheet, which is often said in life, is an iron coil widely used in industry, manufacturing and so on. The container has high strength and good sealing performance, and is widely used to make metal packaging containers. Especially for barrel making, it is an ideal material, so it is used to make various steel barrels for industrial product packaging. And because of its good corrosion resistance, it is often used for roofs, pipes, etc. It has the advantages of not easy to rust and corrosion resistance. Because the electrode potential of zinc is lower than that of iron and its chemical properties are more active, a layer of zinc oxide film can be quickly formed in the air. This layer of zinc oxide film is very dense, which protects the zinc and steel plate from corrosion. Even if the zinc coating is scratched, the iron is protected due to the oxidation of zinc first, which greatly improves the corrosion resistance of the steel plate.

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          Color steel plate is a common color profiled plate, which is widely used in industrial buildings and civil buildings. In addition, it also plays a good auxiliary role in the decoration of warehouses, roofs and walls. There are many kinds of color steel plates. One of the color steel plates with both classical and traditional beauty is the antique color steel plate, which has higher strength and richer colors. The comprehensive performance is more functional and decorative.


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